Cheri Pann Bio



STUDIO                                          1116 Palms Blvd       

                                                Venice  CA  90291-3525               

                    (310) 399-1469


1996-present     THE MOSAIC TILE HOUSE Gallery,  Venice,  CA     

2014    MISSION CLAY PIPE ART GALLERY, Artist-in-residence, Phoenix, AZ  (May)

1993    THE InBETWEEN Cafe/Gallery,  “The Bible in Art”  wood const.,  Hollywood,  CA   (Apr)

            NORRIS FINE ART Gallery,  “Cross Works”,  Hollywood,  CA   (Mar)

1992    INN ARTY’S Restaurant/Gallery,  “Tree of Life”   paintings, Pasadena,  CA   (Oct-Dec)

1991    BRANNER/SPANGENBERG Gallery,  “Angels & Demons”  paintings,  Palo Alto, CA  (Nov-Dec)

            ARBRAMAR AVE Studio,  Pacific Palisades,  CA   (Feb)

1990    BEYOND BAROQUE Upstairs Gallery,  “Berliner Mauer-Geist” const. Venice, CA  (Mar-Apr)

1989    ARBRAMAR AVE Studio,  Pacific Palisades,  CA   (Feb)

1987    OGGI Cafe/Gallery,  “Angel”  drawings,  Santa Monica,  CA   (June)

            SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART Rental Gallery,  “Shadows” paintings,  (May)

1986    ART SPACE Gallery,  “Angel” drawings,  West Los Angeles,  CA   (Oct-Nov)

            ROARK Gallery,  “Angels & Demons”  paintings & drawings,  Los Angeles,  CA   (May)

            ARBRAMAR AVE Studio,  Pacific Palisades,  CA   (Feb)

1984    L.A. ARTCORE Gallery,  “Shadows” paintings,  Los Angeles,  CA   (Apr)

            ALMAR AVE Studio,  Pacific Palisades,  CA   (Nov)

1981    SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART Rental Gallery,  paintings,   (Oct)

1980    BRAND LIBRARY ART Gallery,  “Echoes”  paintings,  Glendale,  CA   (Dec-Jan)

            PACIFIC ASIA MUSEUM,  “Challenge of the East”  paintings,  Pasadena,  CA   (Apr)

1978    OFF THE WALL  Gallery,  “Challenge of the East”  paintings,  Hollywood,  CA   (Sept) 

            HOLLYWOOD HILLS ROAD Studio,  Hollywood,  CA   (Apr)

1977    GALLERY 8,  “The Japanese Connection” sumi-e (brush) drawings, Pasadena, CA   (May)

1976    HOLLYWOOD HILLS ROAD Studio,  Hollywood,  CA   (Apr)

1975    AMERICAN CULTURAL CENTER Gallery,  sumi-e  drawings, Fukuoka,  JAPAN   (May)

1973    SAN MARINO PUBLIC LIBRARY ART Gallery, Recent Works,  San Marino, CA   (Mar-Apr)

1972    BAXTER ART Gallery, “Book for Bob”, paintings on paper,  CalTech, Pasadena, CA  (Apr)

1970    ORLANDO Gallery, “Loving Series Paintings”,  Encino,  CA   (Feb)

1969    UNIVERSTIY ART GALLERY, Masters Show of Paintings,  CalState Univ. L.A.,  (June)

            OLD HOUSE STUDIOS, “Masters Show Paintings”,  San Diego,  CA  (July)

1965    ART DEPT. HALL Gallery, pastel drawings, CalStateUniv.L.A.,  CA  (May)


1994    MYTHOS Gallery,  “Searching for Eden”,  Burbank,  CA  (May)

1993    JUNIOR ARTS CENTER Gallery, L.A. Juried Exhibition “Works on Paper” L.A., CA (Jul-Aug)

            L.A. ATHLETIC CLUB SWIMMING POOL Gallery,  Megaboom Goddess Show, (Jun)

            A.R.T. Gallery,  “Focus Women”  Hollywood,  CA  (May)

            BRAND LIBRARY ART Gallery,  “Cross As Symbol”  Constructions,  Glendale, CA  (Apr)

1992    SANTA MONICA MUSEUM OF ART,  “Breaking Barriers”  Rodney King const.  (Sept-Nov)

            ORLANDO Gallery,  “Philip Orlando Memorial Show” (cross const) Sherman Oaks, CA  (Oct)

            MUCKENTHALER CULTURAL CENTER, “World News” (Gulf War Const)  Fullerton, CA  (Apr-Jul)

1991    ART SPACE Gallery, Gallery Artists,  West Los Angeles, CA  (Apr-Jun)

            BEYOND BAROQUE Upstairs Gallery  “World News”-Gulf War Const. Venice, CA  (Apr-May)

            GALLERY 5,  Group Show-“Berliner Mauer-Geist” constructions,  Santa Monica, CA  (Jan)

1989    TORTUE Gallery, “AIDS Auction”,  Santa Monica, CA  (June)   

1988    ROBERTS ART Gallery, “Self-portraits” paintings, 3 PERSON SHOW, Santa Monica, CA  (Jan)

            ART SPACE Gallery,  “Gallery Artists”  West Los Angeles,CA    (Apr-Jun)                                  

            CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS FOUNDATIONS,  “Paintings”  Los Angeles, CA  (Sept-Dec)

1987    RICHARD/BENNETT Gallery,  “Paintings”,  Hollywood, CA  (Dec)

1985    BRAND LIBRARY ART Gallery, “Paintings”,  Glendale,  CA  (May)

            STELLA POLARIS Gallery,  “Angel Drawings”,  Beverly Hills,  CA  (May-June)        

            COBALT BLUE Gallery, Inaugural Group Show,  West Hollywood, CA  (Nov)       

1984    L.A. ART CORE-NEW ART SPACE  exchange exhibit-drawings, Denver, CO (Sept-Oct)

            METRO RAIL TRANSIT Consultants/L.A.V.A, “paintings”, Los Angeles, CA  (Oct-Apr 1985)

1983    COLLEGE ART Gallery, “Women in Art”, Rancho Santiago College, Santa Ana, CA  (Mar)

            STELLA POLARIS Gallery, “Art/Soul” Exhibit & Auction, Los Angeles, CA  (May)

1982    ART CENTER COLLEGE ART Gallery, “Robert Rowan Collects”  Pasadena, CA  (Mar)

1980    LOS ANGELES COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART Rental Gallery, “Echoes”-paintings,  (Nov-Jan)   

1979    GALERIA JUAN PRATS,  “Festa de la Lletra”, works on paper,  Barcelona, SPAIN  (Sept)

1976    BAXTER ART GALLERY,  “In Search of..4 Women/4 Cultures”,  Caltech, Pasadena, CA  (Oct)

1972    BAXTER ART GALLERY, “Surrealism if Alive & Well in the West” Caltech, Pasadena, CA  (Mar)

1970    LOS ANGELES COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART Rental Gallery,  “Paintings”,  (Jun-Aug)

1969    ORLANDO Gallery,  Group show-paintings,  Encino, CA  (Jun-Aug)

            WESTWOOD ART ASSOCIATION, Small Image Show,  Westwood, CA  (Sept)

1961    PASADENA ART MUSEUM,  1st Bienniel Print Exhibition,  Pasadena, CA  (Nov)



2008    VENICE BEACH  ART & SOUL,   by Rich Wysockey & Marty Poole    July

            Westside Today,  “Piece by Piece”  by Katie Grim     March

2007    CH 9  news at noon,   The Mosaic Tile House with Cater Lee,    March

            HGTV    “ What’s With That House?”  with George Gray,    April

            VENICE, CA  Art & Architecture in a Maverick Community,  by Webb & Nogai    June

2006    GEO Special  die welt entdecken  Kalifornien & Las Vegas,  by Cheryl Himmelstein  Feb/Mar

            CLAY TIMES, “The Mosaic Tile House”  by Lana Wilson,    Jan/Feb

2003    L.A. TIMES, Style & Culture,  “Let There Be Color”  by Martha Groves,    Wed. Feb. 19, 2003

2002    HGTV  Artists in Residence: Emerald City  

2001    LOS ANGELES TIMES, So. Calif. Living,  “Welcome to My Garden”,    Thurs, April 19, 2001

            HGTV  Awsome Interiors

1992    Catalog for WORLD NEWS EXHIBIT,   Muckenthaler Cultural Center,   Fullerton, CA

1990    MICHIGAN QUARTERLY REVIEW,   “WOMAN WARRIOR” oilstik drawing on paper 

            ARTWEEK, Apr 19, 1990 V.21, #15,   “The Last Crossing”  from Berliner Mauer-Geist const.

            KPFK radio interview re: the Berliner Mauer-Geist construction with Jay Kugelman

1989    PERSONA #25,  oil on canvas,  featured in film  HEATHERS

1986    ARTWEEK REVIEW of Art Space Gallery Show,  Nov. 21, p.8

            LOS ANGELES TIMES REVIEW of Art Space Gallery Show,  Nov. 21, IV, p.16

1985    L.A. ARTCORE Fifth Anniversary Catalog

1983    CATALOG for Rancho Santiago College Group Show

            ARTWEEK REVIEW of Rancho Santiago College Group Show

            DREAMWORKS An Interdiciplinary Quarterly “A Dream of Islands-Paintings” Vol.III,#3,Fall

1980    ARTWEEK REVIEW of L.A. County Museum Art Rental Gallery Group Show.  Dec. 13, D1

1979    CATALOG for Galeria Joan Prats Group Show “Festa de la Lletra”

1978    WOMEN COME ALIVE, Photographs by Michiko Mumoto, Tokyo, JAPAN

1976    CATALOG for Baxter Art Gallery  “In Search of... 4 Women/4 Cultures”

            LOS ANGELES TIMES REVIEW of  “In Search of... 4 Women/4 Cultures”   Nov. 1, IV, p.1

1972    CATALOG  for Baxter Art Gallery, “Surrealism is Alive and Well in the West”

            SEASONS OF REBELLION, cover drawing,  pub. Holt, Rinehart & Winston

1970    LOS ANGELES TIMES REVIEW of Orlando Gallery SOLO SHOW,   Feb 13, IV, p.7


1968-69    CalState Univ. L.A.  -  M.A. in Fine Art

1963-66    CalState Univ. L.A.  -  B.A. in  Fine Art

1961-62    apprentice to Glendora,  CA  printmaker  Don LaViere Turner

1959-61    UCLA,  Westwood, CA

1958-59    Colorado State University,  Fort Collins, Colorado


2006        1 month in Yanagawa, Japan

1989        2 weeks in Berlin.  4 mo. living in Paris, France

1983        4 mo. living in Honolulu, Hawaii

1981-82  1 in Tokyo, Japan.  10 mo. living in Honolulu, Hawaii

1980        3 mo. traveling in Spain & Italy

1979        1 mo. traveling in Europe for Otis Art Institute Art Tour

1977        3 mo. living on Martha’s Vineyard,  Mass.

1974-75  11 mo. living in Fukouka, Japan

1973        3 mo. living in Bolinas, CA

1972        4 mo.  traveling around Europe, Russia & Turkey

COLLECTIONS (partial list)


SPRINGFIELD MISSOURI  MUSEUM OF ART                                    Springfield, MO      

Robert A. Rosenstone                                                                 Pacific Palisades, CA  

Robert A. Rowan Collection                                                        Pasadena, CA

Law Offices Angel and Niestat                                                    Los Angeles, CA

American Express Corporation  (Karen Fund)                              Hollywood, CA

Isadore & Lucy Adelman Collection                                             Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Herbert & Raphaella Martin                                                   Balingen,  GERMANY

Robert & Harriet Bonn Collection                                                Santa Monica, CA

Jay Kugelman Collection                                                             Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. & Mrs. Albert Ross Collection                                                Culver City, CA

Tom & Laurie Hackman Collection                                              Brentwood, CA

Dr. Bergitta Wohl Collection                                                        Venice, CA

Dr. Leslie & Judy Eber    Collection                                              Brentwood, CA   

Dr. Joan Lang & Dr. Wm. Winslade Collection                              Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Joseph Boskin Collection                                                       Boston,  MA

Dr. Cheryl Revkin Collection                                                        Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Gilda Frantz Collection                                                          Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Marion Knapp Collection                                                        Los Angeles, CA

Ms. Clare Boskin Collection                                                         Boston, MA

Mr. Shuji Yamamoto Collection                                                    Fukuoka, JAPAN

Mr. Roman Gubern                                                                      Barcelona, SPAIN

Mr. Howard Dratch                                                                      Santa Monica, CA

Mr. Herb & Ilene Bernard                                                             Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Paul Campbell                                                                       Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Patricia Leat                                                                          Sherman Oaks, CA

Jean & Christine Kazandjian                                                                Venice, CA

Lisa Breger Millerd & family                                                                 Tuscon, AZ

Josie Breger & family                                                                            Los Angeles, CA

Lori Powers & family                                                                            Los Angeles, CA

Jean & Christine Kazandjian                                                                 Venice, CA

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