He worked at Clay in Particular under Joann Amparan producing one of a kind ceramic pieces for seven

years. Articles in the Los Angeles Times and a book based on Clay in Particular led to representation by the Zachary Waller Gallery in Los Angeles showing  paintings,sculptures and wall hangings.  Works were

collected by Milo Frank, Bobby Gentry, Edie Adams, Anca Colbert, Carlos Amparan, Mildred Leeds,

Mr and Mrs Rodney Blashe, Hagenmaker Gallery in Beverly Hills, and Colbert Gallery in Los Angeles,

among others.

1996 to present exhibition of current work yearly

show at Mosaic Tile House Galleries in Venice, CA


Commissioned work includes:

Acapulco Princess Hotel in Mexico:  design for sculpted mural. 

John Waller West Hollywood Home:  fountains,sculptures and murals.

St. Bernard High School, Westchester, CA:  ceramic tile mosaic mural.

Grossman/Levine Venice, CA home:   fountains, sculptures, and mosaic tile mural.

Weston/Hoskins Venice, CA home: mural.

Pann/Duran Mosaic Tile House: murals, fountain, sculptures & entire house mosaic tiled. 

Artist-in-Residence at Mission Clay Pipe Art Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

Publications & media include: 

Illustrations for "The Safe Use of Herbs"  by Beverly E. Coleman 

Illustrations for "Samples of Wall Hangings for Applique" by Evangeline Shears.

Illustrations for educational activities of the inner city program Project AHEAD.

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